I will have more free time during the summer and am mildly interested in
running a pirates PBeM. Before I go into figuring out how it would all
work, I'd just like to know if I have a market for the game.

The game will be a cross between the regent style PBeMs and standard
ones. PCs will begin as captains of thier ship (pirate or part of a
country's fleet). From there they will be able to attack other ships,
gain a larger fleet (by capturing or buying), and improve their ships
with better weapons. Pirate captains don't have to take orders from a
leader or follow treaties, but they lack the reverse protection that
captains of a country's naval ships get. Movement and improvement of
ships will be handled semi-regent style while battles between ships or
thier captains will be standard style. E-Mail "diplomacy" between
players will be allowed. The game will be based whereever the players
decide on, with each region (the Straits of Aerele, Great Bay, Sun
Coast, Ajari Deeps) offering diffrent challenges and benefits (# of
pirates/awnsheglien, availability of crewmen/weapons, attitude twords
piracy, etc). I'd start with five players then expand if I feel like
doing so. Any takers? email me off-list at olesens@bellatlantic.net mail me!
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