Olesens wrote:
> In my never-ending quest for the names of PCs in Anuire, I often have to
> turn to the name sheet. Yet "Richard [Endier]" and "Michael [Roele]"
> are some more "down-to-Earth" Anuirean names (and thus easier to
> remember and pronounce :-). Does anyone know of more "normal" names
> mentioned in the supplements? Also, does anyone know the origins of
> Richard and Michael so I can look to that country(s) for other names?
A very late reply, since I seem to have problems getting mail from the

There is a Jonathan Miechale who serves as the lieutenant of the Baron
of Ghoere. There's James Ardannt of Haelyn's Bastion of Truth. And of
course Michael Mhoried, son of the Mhor (and Michael Agnelie, mayor of
Proudglaive). Harald Khorien of Taeghas might be considered a "normal"
name (since it exists in RW). There's William Moergen in Osoerde. And
Terence Gryphon as well. These are all I could remember.

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