Actually, It doesn't matter so much on the alignment of the law holder in
question, it depends more on the location of the law holding doing the

If the law holding doing the claiming is actually in a province owned by the
law holder, then it is viewed as lawful taxation (the taxman). Whereas if
the law holding in question is outside the law holders realm (his
provinces), then they aren't "legal" and are considered to be bandits and
thugs. It all depends on whether the law holder doing the claiming owns the
province where the law holding resides.


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I'm afraid I disagree in part. I think this falls pretty much into the
same category as assassination as a political tool: something that most
enlightened rulers would shy away from publicly, except for the most brutal
and repressive societies.
The regent's alignemt *would*, I think, influence how willing s/he was
to "break the taboo" and use this means; but the means itself would remain
something of "dirty secret" even then.
Generally, for an image of a "legitimate" regent who would use such
tactics, I'd refer one to the Zorro or Robin Hood movies. The corrupt
military commanders of the former, and Prince John in the latter, seem to
exemplify the sort of tyrants who would resort to Law Claims in addition to
the normal taxes. That didn't make these actions in any way "legal".


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Silveras wrote:

> Alternative interpretations: I have seen Law Claims handled
> differently. Some people think that they represent a legitimate part of
> every realm's operations, and are part of standard taxation.

Yes, I think this is largely a matter of interpretation. Hired thugs or
tax collectors. Depends on how the DM and/or his players want to handle
things. Personally, I think it's fine to say that the money collected by
holdings are either bandits or sheriffs, extortion or tariffs. It depends
the alignment of the law holder.

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