OK, I'll take a stab at answering these, because I have seen other
interpretations and I want to set out how I understand it to work.

Taxes: The only thing that the BR rulebook actually refers to as taxes
are the monies that the Province ruler gets from the provinces.
Collections: Guild and Temple generate monies for their owner. The
owner can be any class. Only Regency is affected by the class of the owner.
Law Claims: Law Claims have *nothing* to do with being legal. They are
about armed thugs taking monies (Taxes or Collections) away from their
legitimate owner.
Note that successful Law Claims are deducted from the target and added
to the owner of the Law holding. In such cases, it is pretty pointless to
press law claims against your own holdings (unless you want people to think
your Temple is a victim of the same group of bandits that others have been).
Also note that, in most cases, pressing Law claims is not a friendly
act. It is robbery, basically, and can have side effects based on that.

So, Yes, the Fighter can collect the money from the Guilds, and yes
s/he can use Law holdings to take (some of) the Province taxes away from the

Alternative interpretations: I have seen Law Claims handled
differently. Some people think that they represent a legitimate part of
every realm's operations, and are part of standard taxation.


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Ok at the risk of sounding stupid :
I'm not quite sure about the Taxation rules, I have a Fighther regent and he
gets the normal taxation per province, but there is a guild loyal
(Read:Controlled by) to the regent, does he get a guild collection roll or
this option only for thieves?

also are claims by law holdings only made in provinces controlled by other
regents or can they be made on guilds controled by other regents in the
own province.(sponsored acts of banditry, etc..)?

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