I just want to inform you all about the status of the birthright.net
project. We are still fighting with the DNS servers ... :( Adam Theo is
now spending a few days going through the setup to check if something is
wrong with his DNS servers. When he finally gets them working the site
will be up. Unfortunately Adam's DNS servers are only our backup plan,
while my friends (called Niklas) DNS servers was the ones we intended to
use, but as I've said earlier something didn't work and we decided to
try to sue Adam's. Now Niklas is on a vacation and is back around the
25th of July. So we can't use his serves before he is back (since he
need to set them up).
Now I am also leaving for my vacation in Paris, I will be back the10th
though and will then dedicate myself to getting this site up...(if it
isn't already then)...

Another thing which is going a bit better is the work with the front
page. We now almost got one working finished example from Arjan Duijs.

Then most of you should know more or less what I know...

Sindre, coordinator for birthright.net
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