Santafé de Bogotá, June 30th 1999

Dear sirs,

I was thinking one or two weeks ago, that may be the Birthright Setting is
one the settings with a big probability of develop high level characters
and also develop high level campaigns.

There are many reasons, i.e.:

- - The coexistence of various races
- - The big population (City of Anurean)
- - The factor of the blood-abilities

And so on. I had been running a campaign in Cerilia for about three years,
nowadays the characters have reach 14th level, indeed there is a 16th level
bard. This ws possible due to the amount of experiencie points earned in
wars, domain actions, and role-playing situations.

I also played a character in Planescape, during two years, and I only
reached 9th level, I know that there are a lot of ways to give away
experiencie point. But the question is.

Birthright is a most favorable setting for high level?


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