> I have found Calrie and the Aerenwe region to be the most
> attractive of the established Anuirean lands.
Glad to hear it it's where I'm starting my first campaign :-)
> ┬*
> In your letter to the list, you speak of commissioning maps of
> Aerenwe and Calrie city.┬* I would dearly love to have a peek at any
> reproductions you may be able to provide.┬* If you see such a
> possibility, one that might even include purchase of reproductions,
> please inform me via personal e-mail (address provided below)
> ┬*
Two of the maps are currently at the copiers to be copied & laminated
(to make them beer-proof!). I've also asked for A4 colour copies of them
that I can scan and am hoping to put on a website ... as soon I work out
how to do so - I apparently have 15mb of free webspace I can use
somehow. I don't see a problem with doing reproductions if people want

The maps consist of a lot of info I got in response to my requests to
this list, which I have plagiarised for my use, as well as all I could
find in various rule books. (Thanks guys!) It also has some features
which tie in with my history or Aerenwe which supplements (not replaces)
all the existing "official" info I could find.

They consist of:
An A3 overall map of Aerenwe.
An A3 map of the 3 inhabited provinces with a bit more detail.
An A2 map of Carlie city. It's a bit more populated than the size of
Calrie as stated in the rules based on the province level, but what the
hell - it is a capital city. According to the artist it is based on
various renaissance cities. She also got a bit carried away with the
temples of the other gods. I was working on the fact that the
cartographer exaggerated to avoid causing offence to any deity!

Anyway, when I have done the index for the city and have worked out how
to do more than send & receive e-mail, I'll let you know.


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