> I sent the Following e-mail 3 days ago and have only recieved 12 =
>responses so far, I'm not going to make a big impression on the people =
>at TSR if i only show up with 12 letters, I know there are hundreds of =
>people on this list so lets start sending.

I live in Colombia, South America. Here the Role Playing Games are not so
popular as in the United States or Europe; but there is a growing market;
one of the most awesome products we have use in the past years is the
Birthright Campaign Setting, personally I have a lot of products of this
"World" and I expect the arrival of new products to continue with the great
adventures of Cerilia, Aduria, Thaele and Dmajar. So, long live to
Birthright, from Colombia.

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I think this would help. Please if there is a gramatical mistake, feel free
to edit the message.
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Jorge Arango
Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia.
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