> Richard Endier was a vassal nobleman of Diemed.

I hate to tell you you're wrong, but you are. Richard Endier was the founder
of Endier. He was related to a lesser noble (a much lesser noble) but wasn't
considered part of the line due the fact that his adopted father (and giver of
his hier state) was acctually his uncle. He lived on the Spiderfell border in
Moere (the province of Endier wasn't called that then and was just part of the
Spiderfell, although it was property of Diemed) and decided to settle along the
Maesil in soon-to-be province of endier with some friends. His settlment grew
fast and he eventually confronted the Spider. The confrontation was ended by a
riddle contest and the promises between Richard and the Spider keep the
awnsheglien from invading Endier. Although Endier was technically a province
of Diemed, the Barons of that era (the days of the birth of Roesone and
Medoere) were bad rulers and Endier was a seperate kingdom when the Barons
decided to claim it. All that is from the book called _The Spider's Test_ a
fairly good Birthright book, with extra points because it goes into real BR
history (vesus _Greatheart_ which is just a random story).

- -Andrew
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