Really like the idea. My opinion of Birthright is that it is one of the
most involved and coherent worlds out there. Also it is the only AD&D world
that I use. I once used Greyhawk, but it died and before it got brought
back I went on to Birthright, and now find that it is much better than GH.
I've read most of the others (Such as Forgotten Realms, which I detest;
Lankhmar, which is pretty cool, but there isn't enough for it to be very
useful; etc...) and I find them all to be lacking especially compared to
Birthright. Consequently, as long as Birthright is not being sold, I will
not be purchasing anything that isn't strictly a rules supplement (such as
the Priest Spell Compendiums), or generic adventures (or ones that have
world specific suggestions that can be easily used in BR). In my opinion,
if I were the one in control of TSR, and had a property that people were
interested in, I'd find a way to support it that was profitable (and I know
it can be done...cause plenty of smaller companies do it.) My suggestion
would be to go to a format such as Hero Games with the PDFs, or even doing
like some other companies (such as Columbia Games) and not using a
distributor to get the games out there, but rather let the customers come to

Just my two cents worth...
John E. Raymond

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