Well I have owned this book for a long time, but with game related fiction I
put it off as long as possible.

The Good:
The novel unlike many game related fictions at least recognized its source
material, magic was said to work like it does in AD&D, and Blood abilities
seemed to work as in AD&D Birthright as well.

THe story is fairly well plotted.

Thats the Good...
now for the BAD.

Well the story is not very well written, it plods along, moves forward
slowly then falls back in a flashback which seems to come from nowhere the
main character Aedan, has the flashback to the same events, it is referred
to over and over again as well since we also experienced that part of the
story as it happenned in the first place, its just poor plotting to
continually refer to it.

The seems show too much as well we know how AD&D magic works, and it is
whown to us once, but then it is never mentioned again even when later in
the story it becomes important. Blood abilities are mentioned and tossed
around as if they are common place. They seem to have too much knowledge of
how there divine gifts work.
Now none of this is particularly inexcusable, what is inexcusable is his Mr
Hawkes complete lack of understanding for the NOn game specific source
material...He Refers to the Vos, and yet names there regions which ARE
RJURIK regions. He calls the savage tribe of "OGRES" which should in
actuality should be Orogs.

Though the plotting is fair, it often seems half hearted, he seems to have
rushed the story way to much it may have been 500 pages long but he spent
too much time on some elements, and not enough time on others. THis is one
of Simon Hawkes flaws as a writer he had it in several other of his works.

On a whole Id say don't by Iron Throne if you haven't it really won't add
anything to your enjoyment of Birthright, I thought the book was a nice
read, but really should have been better done. But then I ahve yet to find a
single Directly Game related novel that was worth the expense.

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