Due to the recent troubles with posting on the list that I seemed to have, I
am reposting this information.

The Game Guild
752 West Main Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147 USA
(888) 56-GAMES
(414) 249-0779
(414) 245-1734
fax http://www.mag7.com/gamegld.htm

This is the store owned by Margaret Weis and don Perrin.
They offer Mail orders and have darn near everything imagineable for TSR;
including what looked like the FULL line of BR product.

If there is an official FAQ this might be worthy of adding in. It's
essentially the "origional" game store as it's the one in Lake Geneva where
TSR was born. ;) By the by, Lake Geneva is a beautiful town and a wonderful
tourist trap for reasons other than this. It looks like a great place to
visit in the summer with all the typical tourist shops and a nice lake to
have fun on. Plus it's not a huge city so it's relaxed.

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