Dear fellows:

I'm new in this list, but I play the Birthright Campaign Setting since
1997, so I'm familiar with the topics of the messages, there are a very
good exchange of ideas here.

Actually I'm the DM of a awesome adventure in the Cerilian ancient history,
when the five tribes of the continent of Aduria ran away from the Shadow...

I want to know, and may be you have the answer, what is happening with the
line of Birthright products? It's out of print? It's fisnished?

By the moment, I'm using the elements provide by the Birthright's Netbook.
If you have some news about the next products or the list of the products -
There is a campaign expansion of the Vosgard? - availables, because the
list in the TSR's WEB site is incomplete. I will appreciate that.

Best regards,

Jorge Arango
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