Greetings all.

My Lands of the Holy Sun PBEM is expanding into southern Vosgaard. I
place no limit on the number of players, so everyone can apply for
joining. LOHS is a large game with many players and more intrigues.
Currently, the following domains are available as PCs:

Khinasi Plains States:
Sera's Blessing
Breadfruit North-South
Extraordinary Traders of Turin
Gold Coast Coster
Saere Consortium

Khinasi Zhainge Valley:
Temple of Might
Northern Traders Guild

Khinasi Docandragh:
Djafra (Bey of Nurida)
Djiran Temple of Leira
Nuridan Temple of Sarma
Besaiam Guild (charmed vassal of the Lamia)
Djafran Merchant League
Mansur Sihaf (Royal Mage of Min Dhousai)
Nasir el-Turus (Royal Mage of Min Dhousai)
Salim Teraziz (Royal Mage of Min Dhousai)

Khinasi Island States:
Dragonsea Temple of Kings (a large temple honoring both Halaia and
Nasri, formed from the merger of Dragonsea Temple of Haelyn, Church of
the Eternal Seas, and Shield of Halaia)
Great Temple of Avani
Merchant Consortium of Suiriene

Sahirde el-Mehare (Golden Archipelago):
Nahrif (a chaotic realm with three separate regents vying for dominance)
├ťzmir (a fanatical realm following Hala├»a, and not recognizing any other
Blue Waves of Nasri (a seafarer temple in Nahrif)
Grand Temple of Halaia (state religion of Uzmir)
Scimitars of Khirdai (a warlike temple in Nahrif)
Temple of Mystic Fire (a flame-worshipping, malicious temple of Avani)
Karbey Trading Company (official guild of Uzmir)
Merchant House of el-Derif (official guild of the Caliphate of Sulam)
Tujar el-Mehare (seafaring guild of Nahrif)
Ceyhan (court wizard of Uzmir)
Ekh-Rames (a mysterious wizard of Nahrif)
Jarid (court wizard of Sulam)

Southern Vosgaard:
Yeninskiy (all three landed regents)
Garask Ufslev (Waning Moon)
One True Church of Vosgaard in Yeninskiy
Neva Wohlken Traders
Rhouannadaraight Woodworks
Finnegan Treusyyght

In order to join the game, go to the PBEM page at:

and follow the instruction on Joining the Game page.

- --
Aleksei Andrievski
aka Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star
aka Azure Star Dragon

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