> And for some of you, the abbilities of a 16th lever wizard. This is only
> mentioned in the Class/Level section of Cardsheet 9 from the original Boxed
> set. The following text (including the Combat section) and Ruins of Empire
> do not describe the Gorgon as the possessor of any wizard skills. The book
> Blood Enemies which was released later says rigorously nothing about him
> having any magical skills (he is refered as having the Saving Throws of a
> F25) and so I don┬┤t consider he has any. In adition to this I just don┬┤t
> imagine the mighty Gorgon sitting around in his library quietly studying
> his magic missile. He┬┤s just not that kind of villain.

Well, RoE sure does mention an awful lot of sources with the owner tag of
"Go". One guess who that is...
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