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> Thomas wrote:
> > Even if the PC's do go one on one with the Gorgon as you suggest, if you
> > follow the premise that Cerilia is a low level world and that magic
> > are extremely rare (which most people here seen to think but as I said
> > earlier I disagree with) the odds of the PC's having the +3 weapons
> > to hit the Gorgon are extremly low. At best, only one character would
> > one, and with the Gorgon's magical resistance all the other characters
> > just be speed bumps between the Gorgon and the character with the
> > This would boil down to a one on one battle with the Gorgon that no one
> > could win.
> I see your point. Personally, I'm one of the guys saying that it isn't
> that low magic/level a world, but even if you assume that it is, the guys
> actually face the Gorgon are going to be the leaders of domains. Regents
> access to more materials (read: magic) than do common adventurers, a fact
that I
> think gets overlooked pretty often in BR. Even if you think BR is a low
> setting that factor should be offset by the fact that the PCs tend to be
> of the aristocracy and, therefore, are going to get more cook stuff. You
> how the rulers in FR and GH have these unimanginably, sometimes
> powerful magic items? Well, I think the fact that PCs are regents in a BR
> campaign will at least offset the low magic of the setting so that they
will get
> their hands on more powerful magics, making the magic that they have more
> that of a "normal" adventurer in another campaign.
> Gary
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