Thomas wrote:

> Even if the PC's do go one on one with the Gorgon as you suggest, if you
> follow the premise that Cerilia is a low level world and that magic weapons
> are extremely rare (which most people here seen to think but as I said
> earlier I disagree with) the odds of the PC's having the +3 weapons required
> to hit the Gorgon are extremly low. At best, only one character would have
> one, and with the Gorgon's magical resistance all the other characters would
> just be speed bumps between the Gorgon and the character with the weapon.
> This would boil down to a one on one battle with the Gorgon that no one
> could win.

I see your point. Personally, I'm one of the guys saying that it isn't really
that low magic/level a world, but even if you assume that it is, the guys who
actually face the Gorgon are going to be the leaders of domains. Regents have
access to more materials (read: magic) than do common adventurers, a fact that I
think gets overlooked pretty often in BR. Even if you think BR is a low magic
setting that factor should be offset by the fact that the PCs tend to be members
of the aristocracy and, therefore, are going to get more cook stuff. You know
how the rulers in FR and GH have these unimanginably, sometimes ridiculously
powerful magic items? Well, I think the fact that PCs are regents in a BR
campaign will at least offset the low magic of the setting so that they will get
their hands on more powerful magics, making the magic that they have more like
that of a "normal" adventurer in another campaign.

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