GeeMan wrote:

> Because of that, I think what you end up with when you put a monster like
> Gorgon or other "invulnerable" creatures on the battlefield is a situation
> where things revert to single combat and traditional AD&D melee. These
> are, after all, going to be able to go through typical human units without
> much trouble, so it is the leaders who have to do the dirty work.
> those leaders will be PCs and the DM can have a traditional slugfest to
cap his
> adventure.

This however goes back to the original problem that I pointed out at the
start of this thread.

Even if the PC's do go one on one with the Gorgon as you suggest, if you
follow the premise that Cerilia is a low level world and that magic weapons
are extremely rare (which most people here seen to think but as I said
earlier I disagree with) the odds of the PC's having the +3 weapons required
to hit the Gorgon are extremly low. At best, only one character would have
one, and with the Gorgon's magical resistance all the other characters would
just be speed bumps between the Gorgon and the character with the weapon.
This would boil down to a one on one battle with the Gorgon that no one
could win.


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