Adam Theo wrote:

" but, IMC, i think i am going to make a ruling very similar to what
someone suggested here not long ago: just not allow battle spells. now
that i think about it, i don't like them all that much. it really does
add *too* much power to an otherwise powerful class, and it unbalances
a battle too much. i now am at the point where one of my PCs is trying
to make a magical college to produce a couple of battle mages each
year. i've made it very difficult, but still, the ability exists IMC
and in other people's."

I agree with you and Gary 100% on not using battle spells.
Take a 1st level magician with the "magic missile" spell. He can cast it
normally (1 missile) or use the battle spell version (roughly 200 magic
missiles). Battle spell defenders would argue that the casting of one
version is very different from the casting of the other. That is just fine
but what if the magician would want to cast 4 or 5 magic missiles? Why
couldn´t he do that? Battle spells just don´t make any sense if you ask
me... They are a failed attempt to provide more War Magic (the cards from
the original boxed set which explain the effects of normal spells when used
in a warcard battle).

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