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On Saturday, June 12, 1999, Manta [ip209007@ip.pt]
Wrote in [BIRTHRIGHT] - [BIRTHRIGHT] - Gorgon┬┤s lone rampage (was Levels of Magic in Cerilia) - long:
> Against him he has:
> Anuire (and Brechtur if he turns his back on it - Kiergard would be a nice
> adition to Massenmarch) and the fact that he is a living being (subject to
> Fatigue - see Combat and Tactics - he has a total of 41 fatigue points - it
> would take 60 rounds for him to be exausted - assuming he kills a foe with
> each blow he lands he would kill 150 enemies in those 60 rounds. By now he
> would be fighting as if he was encumbered two categories more than he
> really would be due to exaustion. This would not be a problem to him (-1
> hit? +2AC? it would not make him any less dangerous). I would give him a
> maximum of 60 more rounds till he would colapse out of exaustion - this
> would mean 150 more casualties - a total of 300 which are less than 2
> Birthright infantary units. After that you could bound him with steel
> chains and keep him as your pet. And that┬┤s why he doesn┬┤t conquer Anuire
> by himself.
> (And all this without the need of any magic - with a wizard┬┤s help it would
> only be easier!)

Here is my reply:
hm... this is not to attack anyone's opinion. in fact, this is not
related to any position i may have on this, but that thing about
fatigue got me thinking. i think i will have the gorgon have extra
resistance to fatigue. it would fit within his 'character'. and i
think i will also drop his wizardry side, in favor of making him a
higher level fighter, and just give him lots of powerful magical
items, to compensate for what people would have naturally taken as him
being a powerful wizard. he just has a Crystal Ball, a few hundred
(if not thousand) scrolls of spells, etc...

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