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G> I don't think that was the central question. Nobody said anything about the
G> Gorgon running amok like the Tarrasque on Cerilia, though that comparison is
G> actually apt. He does, after all, go through periods of "dormancy" and then
G> lash out across the continent "harvesting" bloodlines that have sprouted up in
G> his absence. Every once in a while a blooded character will attack him, like
G> Michael Roele, which the Gorgon must really look at as the bloodtheft
G> equivalent of pizza delivery....

G> The question was what would happen if you put a creature (or unit of creatures,
G> like elementals) that were invulnerable to nonmagical weapons on a
G> battlefield. A few folks have suggested special weapons capable of hitting
G> these creatures, which I suppose is doable. I would avoid it personally
G> because I feel like such special weapons should be special enough that you
G> couldn't really outfit a unit with them or that there would be so few of them
G> that their presence on a battlefield would be negligible.

Here is my reply:
hm, well, with this topic, i think i would rule very similarly. the
rest of the unit could do nothing, so it would be up to the few major
NPCs in the battle (the commanders, PCs, etc) to do something about

and also, first someone would have to make a battle spell that
summoned elementals (or other such invulnerable monsters). i, as dm,
would make that battle spell (or realm spell, whatever), be as similar
to the actual conventional spell as possible. with the chance of the
unit of monsters 'breaking away' from the caster's control, etc, etc.
make it very discouraging for the caster to ever want to use it except
in a desperate situation.

but, IMC, i think i am going to make a ruling very similar to what
someone suggested here not long ago: just not allow battle spells. now
that i think about it, i don't like them all that much. it really does
add *too* much power to an otherwise powerful class, and it unbalances
a battle too much. i now am at the point where one of my PCs is trying
to make a magical college to produce a couple of battle mages each
year. i've made it very difficult, but still, the ability exists IMC
and in other people's.

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