The central question here is why doesn┬┤t the Gorgon pick up his sword and
attacks Anuire by himself? (Something just plain silly if you ask me)
The main argument for why he should do so is his invulnerability to weapons
with less than a +2 magical enhancement and there are so few of this
weapons that he could crush every foe with minimal effort.

In his favor he has:
Thac0 -8, AC -10, 170 Hit Points, a huge army backing him
And for some of you, the abbilities of a 16th lever wizard. This is only
mentioned in the Class/Level section of Cardsheet 9 from the original Boxed
set. The following text (including the Combat section) and Ruins of Empire
do not describe the Gorgon as the possessor of any wizard skills. The book
Blood Enemies which was released later says rigorously nothing about him
having any magical skills (he is refered as having the Saving Throws of a
F25) and so I don┬┤t consider he has any. In adition to this I just don┬┤t
imagine the mighty Gorgon sitting around in his library quietly studying
his magic missile. He┬┤s just not that kind of villain.
I think that a spelcasting Gorgon is just an excuse to make him more
powerfull (sort of a Forgotten Realms thing...)

Against him he has:
Anuire (and Brechtur if he turns his back on it - Kiergard would be a nice
adition to Massenmarch) and the fact that he is a living being (subject to
Fatigue - see Combat and Tactics - he has a total of 41 fatigue points - it
would take 60 rounds for him to be exausted - assuming he kills a foe with
each blow he lands he would kill 150 enemies in those 60 rounds. By now he
would be fighting as if he was encumbered two categories more than he
really would be due to exaustion. This would not be a problem to him (-1
hit? +2AC? it would not make him any less dangerous). I would give him a
maximum of 60 more rounds till he would colapse out of exaustion - this
would mean 150 more casualties - a total of 300 which are less than 2
Birthright infantary units. After that you could bound him with steel
chains and keep him as your pet. And that┬┤s why he doesn┬┤t conquer Anuire
by himself.
(And all this without the need of any magic - with a wizard┬┤s help it would
only be easier!)

C├ęsar Manta
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> From: GeeMan
> To:
> Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Levels of Magic in Cerilia
> Date: sábado, 12 de junho de 1999 18:05
> Pieter Sleijpen wrote:
> > Individual monsters of the nature of the Gorgon or Rhuobhe are not that
> > much of a problem. Sure, they can defeat complete armies in principle,
> > but they can be overbeared by opponents. If somebody is facing 200
> > opponents, it would not be difficult to immagine that the Gorgon choses
> > for fleeing instead of capture.
> I don't think a unit of ordinary humans could overbear the Gorgon. Aside
> there being no rules for that kind of thing in the warcard system, I
think it'd
> be like infantry swarming a tank. Sure, they can get in its way and slow
> down, but pretty quickly they'd get ground into hamburger. The only
> modern tanks are stoppable by infantry is because they have weapons that
> powerful enough to deal with them. But make those tanks magically
> to those weapons (not to mention their mundane ones) and they'd roll
right on
> through infanty units. I think that's what fighting the Gorgon would be
> Gary
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