> I´m looking for an ancestral name of the lands now known as "Realm
of the
> White Wich" (or white b**** as my Players usually say - their
"insults" are
> good sign for they only joke about villains they really fear).
> As we know, she only made her appaerance thirty years ago and I´m
in need
> of the name the lands had before her arrival. I was thinking about
> something in the line of Icy Wastelands or Everfrosted Plains but in
> nordic language (I can of course use a phony nordic sounding word
but that
> is really crappy to me...). As there are nordic listmembers I was
> if any of you guys would be so kind as to give me some suggestions
> their english translations), if possible.
> Thanks in advance
> César Manta
> ip209007@ip.pt
> ICQ: 17080887
> AIM: lxManta

How about "Ismark", a combination of the two Swedish words for Ice and

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