Olesens wrote:

> >
> > Also, if magic weapons are extremely rare, then the awnsheghlien become
> > more broken then they already are. Almost all the awnsheghlien require
> > magical weapons to hit then. Think, if Rhuobhe Manslayer knew that
> > would have a +3 weapon, what would stop him. He wants all humans dead,
> > could do it personally because nobody would have a weapon that could
> > him. Also, to many of the "generic" enchanted weapons exist in the
> > literature to think that they are hard to find. The "super" weapons
> > have different powers may be rare but the "generic" weapons can't be.
> I believe that that is part of the idea. Major awnsheglien like the
> Rhuobhe, and so on were, IMO, not meant to be killed. If you do want to
> one of them it is a major effort. You've got to find a really awsome
> armor, and some protective magical items for even a chance. Rhuobhe and
> Gorgon haven't survived for thousands of years from just what they have,
> partly from what the world doesn't have. It is my opinion (which I don't
> is that out of the ordinary) that Cerilia is in a dark age. Most magical
> were made before human arrival in Cerilia. You'd find a lot of priestly
> burried across Aduria and bunches of wizardly ones in Cerilia. Elves had
> lines and realm spells before Diesmaar but, IMO again, the ways of doing
> were lost after the fall of the Elven Empire.

I agree with you that these major awnsheglien were not meant to be kill, as
they provide a constant threat, and a great adventure hook for any DM.
BUT.... if the viable potential for their destruction did not exist then
they would have destroyed everything by now.

Put yourself in the role of the Gorgon. If there was only one or two
weapons in existence that even had a CHANCE of harming you, wouldn't you
have taken over Cerilia by now, or at least done alot more damage..... all
you would have to do is wait for the holder of the weapon to show up (since,
based on what everyone else says, this would probably be a famous weapon and
it would be known who possesed it), duke it out with them or set an ambush
and claim the weapon. Then there would be nothing to stop you.

BUT... if there are 1000 weapons that could potential destroy you, you would
be a lot more careful because you would never know where an attack would
come from. I have always thought that this was the reason that the Gorgon
has been obsessed with gathering magical weapons. He is waiting until he has
most of the weapons that could harm him in his possession, then he will make
an all out assult on the rest of Cerilia.

Killing any of the awnsheglien should be a major and difficult undertaking,
and I am not suggesting that you would find an intelligent long sword +5
sitting in the middle of the street ;). The recovery of a magical weapon
should come after some sort of test or adventure. But the major difficulty
should not be in finding the weapons, but in actually getting to him to
attempt to kill him. The weapons are there, the difficult part is getting
into the postion to use them :).


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