Complete Systems wrote:

> After all that, my question is; given the glut of items that the party could
> get their mitts on, how do other GM's keep the special stuff, fresh and
> special?
> I know that's a fairly generalised question, but I'm looking at keeping Magi,
> magic items and monsters to a minimum.
> * Campaign background *
> In my current campaign, the 6(7) players are now 3-4th level, having started
> at 0. They have been coerced into the SW twice (and it would take the rebirth
> of Azrai to get them there again), have been from Ilien to Mhoried and back,
> yet they have accrued only 4 magic items, seen only 2 mages and have
> encountered less than 5 different monster types (there were multiple undead in
> the SW, but the party wasted no time for things like studying them).

OK, actually I have run my campaign similar to that of a standard AD&D
one in regard to the magic in my party, but with the exception that the
world itself is still low magic. That is, the party finds all the stuff
that's listed and has had the opportunity to make it. I run my campaign
as if the PCs are weirdness magnets, in that all the bizarre and
dangerous stuff tends to find them. Then again, that's my general
philosophy on what makes a PC different from the other people and even
my NPCs...all of the opportunity, adventure, danger, and in general
'stuff' tends to find them first and foremost. There really aren't many
other groups of adventurers out there having that kind of luck, but then
again, other groups of adventurers aren't called upon to lead nations
and save the world either. Obviously, I prefer the 'larger than life'
take on high fantasy roleplaying.

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