As for the earlier discussion of the level of magic in Birthright, in the
two campaigns that I have DM'd in Birthright, I've handled it this way.

1) Magic is rare. This doesn't necessarily transfer to low magical amounts,
just something that is very rarely seen. As a result, there are a lot of
rumors and legends, but nothing concrete that the people know for sure.
This lends in to fear. So while there may be more people capable of
learning, this fear inhibits them from ever learning. It also means that
most practicing the arts are less likely to be open about it, and thusly,
finding someone to teach is less likely. Even though the Imperial College
of Sorcery stands in the great City of Anuire, it stands in the shadow of
the destruction that almost completely destroyed it so many ages ago.

2) As described above, wizards are feared. Mothers usher their children
away from the "witch" who makes odd lights glow under the moonlight, etc...
While regents do keep their "pet wizards", they do so for the same reason
that everyone keeps nuclear weapons. "If you send your wizard at me, then I
send mine at you." And no decent regent would allow any of his men too much
power, wizard or not.

3) Magical items should be more uncommon. I think if there is a magic
sword around every corner, then what makes the one you have so special?
Nothing really.. so I tend to make, or try to at least, each item special
and individualistic... Yeah it may be only a +1 longsword, but it has a
history, etc. Also, while humans have only had since Deismaar to learn how
to construct magical items, and few should live to the power to be able to
do so with ease, the elves have never had such a problem. As a result the
vast majority of magical items in my games have a tendency to be of elven
origin. There is also the Moradin religion of the dwarves which would have
the power to forge magical items. So in the end, while magical items may be
uncommon, they are there. It is just they aren't human-made, for the most
part, and if they are, then more than likely they have a more divine touch
in their making.

Well, that's my 1 1/2 cents worth. :)

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