Well I know that this is a pretty varied topic based o everyones taste, but
as a whole my campaigns centered around the exoticness of the player
characters and the like, all magic items I ahve given the PC have been
extremely hard to get, but usually not related to a combat encounter. Three
magical items exist in my First BR campaign in PLayer's hands one ina
Villains hands--that is it. I DO not use the NPC from most Birthright
Products because--they are too high leveled, a serious problems TSR has
always had is the fact that they say the vast bulk of human and demi
humankind is 0 level, (In the DMG) but none of their products refelct that,
they also say magic is rare and wonderful as are items of magic (in Cerilia)
but they stick every NPC with an item or three...therefore while TSR's rules
are good for the most part and settings are great (Birthright) their NPCS
and such suck.....

So I ignore them, I get rid of the npcs, drop the items and/or drop
levels. Major Villians are levelled, Very Important reacurring NPCS etc are
as well and they might have magic dependant on the plot.

The Items in my past campaign were a Cutlass of Wounding (known as Flesh
Reaver), a Bearskin cloak that allows one of the pc's to shapeshift into a
Bear. A Figurine of wondrous power (a Shadow Cat-it becomes either a Large
housecat, or a shadow in cat form upon command, it isn't combat able for the
most part--anymore than any house cat, but it can relay information to the
owner) and Ialthe'
the Obsidian Sword that devours souls.....(which was shared with this list a
while back)

Current campaign--none...
I do plan on after the Thre pc's take the keep(a Brecht Keep that was
ursurped by one of the pc's uncles a Rjurik-Jarl and Wizard.) from the 200+
orogs that now claim it, and settle in I do plan on introducing some items,
primarily I plan to have an old Funerary Boat that failed to Burn and has
been carried across the sea from Cerilia ( The Keep of the pc's assuming
they can take out 200 very well organized and entrenched orogs) is on Thael
quite a bit north of Emmerleigh.
A Brecht Merchant who who deal with teh Rjurik finds out about it (it is
wedged in a rocky Fjord) and pays some children to bring the grave goods too
him, some of which are magic...the catch of course being that the dead
Rjurik warrior who they belonged too doesn't want to give them back and goes
to reclaim them...it's up to the pc's at this point being tis will happen in
their domain...they have to protect the Children from the wrathful creature,
and maybe save the Brecht, and depending on how the pc's behave they migh or
might not end up with a few magical items...(Just for the record I will be
using a Greyhawk Critter called a Sword Wraith for the Basis of this
wrathful Rjuven Spectre) I haven't decided the items yet, probably some
Really good mail (non magical but worth quite a bit anyway) and a Broadsword
of mid value (+2 or +3) especially since none of thepc's use a

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