> The modules are a different matter. From reading the Birthright
> setting, I went into the adventures expecting at most 2-3 items per
> character (given the recommended party size) with most of those being
> potions, scrolls, and other one-shots. I was a bit disappointed to find
> them filled with goodies.

Since Permenancy is a higher level spell than Enchant an Item and since it
involves a possible loss of Constitution, I would defenitly think that most items
in Cerilia would be charged (ie. limited uses).

As for the level of magic in my campaign, which is currently 3rd level (Started
at 2nd) they have no magical items and have only seen one (a sword that glowed.
Was it a Sword+5? Nope. Can you say Continual Light? Of couse they don't know
that). I intend to give them one +1 weapon (with a single minor power), about
two one shot items, and one or two charged items by the time they are 4th level.
And this would seem a good time to break into "About my Campaign."

My most recent campaign is fairly new (only two adventures in four sessions) but
I'll go into the planned future. The party consists of a 2nd level Brecht/Elf
Fighter and a 1st/1st Dwarven Fighter/Thief. The dwarf is unblooded and the
Half-Elf has a minor bloodline. The party resides in the Queen of Cities, the
Imperial City. One day whil drinking in a tavern they heard a scream from
outside. They went outside and stopped three men from attacking an unknown
woman. Once the thugs were dead, the woman ran away but was struck down by
another thug. The PCs defeated that thug but only to do so just as the Imperial
Guard was arriving. Just as the PCs were to be dragged away (they had tries to
talk themselves out of it but failed), Boeruinean Embassy Soldiers arrived and,
without the PCs encouragement, cut down the Imperial Guards. Well the PCs
arrived at the "Boeuinean Embassy" but overheard plots of killing the
Chaimberlain and managed to escape. They noted that across from the "Boeuinean
Embassy" was the Avanese Embassy, although they never bothered to look for a sign
on the B Embassy. They then went to the Chaimberlain who forgave them for
attacking the thugs and asked them to go under cover for him. He also informed
them that where they were being held was not the Boeruinean Embassy (who would
put the big B and A right next to each other!). So the PCs disguised themselves
and signed on as mercenaries with the real Boeuinean Embassy. Thier first
mission was to attack a store that secretly sold poison and kill the owner. The
store was actually a 100% legitamate wine/brandy/ale store and maker. They met
the owner (a Tuarhievel elf) after killing his three guards and the worker at the
counter (who actually was killed by a stray arrow). The elf (after a few rounds
of fighting) thought the PCs were working for Rhuobhe (indirectly, of course) as
he had stolen a sword from Rhuobhe (the Continual Light sword from above). The
PCs told him that they were not but then were suspicious of Boeuine working with
Rhuobhe. THey reported back to the Chaimerlain and that's where it left off.
The plot continues with the discovery that Rhuobhe is controlling the Ambassator
through various charms without the knowlage of the Archduke. The Boeruinean
Embassy Soldiers then attack the Avanese Soldiers while on partol through the
city. Prince Avan is ready to declare war on the Archduke when the PCs must step
in to stop the war. They'll have to prove to Avan that Rhuobhe is controlling
the Ambassator. When they do, Avan will back down but still isn't willing to
comit with Boeruine to attack Rhuobhe. The PCs will gain favor with the regents
for thier display of intelligence and wit, but will gain an enemy with Rhuobhe.
Then I don't know where it'll go.
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