Okay guys, I've been on this list for 3 years now, and run Birthright
campaigns for longer than that (ever since the magic blue box hit the
shelves). From time to time, I've even made contributions to the list,
sometimes a lot, sometimes only a little.

But I've just about had it with the WINMAIL.DAT crap that keeps getting
posted. I use the Digest version of this list so I have a choice; flip
through page after page of gobble-de-gook to get to real messages or delete
the whole blame thing. I've lost patience for this about a month ago, so I
just delete it.

This has come up before, but some of the same people continue to post their
messages that way. If we have a list monitor now, then he/she should be on
top of this problem.

Remember that if you enjoy getting your mailbox stuffed with stuff, then fine
you won't use the digest. But I for one need to do it this way.

Your cooperation is appreciated,
Dustin Evermore To unsubscribe from this list send mail to majordomo@lists.imagiconline.com
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