> i dont really think we need a specific server for the whole BR.net,

Well, here's the thing. We don't NEED a server for it... but the setting
would benefit from it. The thinking is, it's a lot easier to find
birthright information on the net by typing in www.birthright.net, than to
have to find the page on

When I first looked for Birthright information on the net, I typed in
www.birthright.com, .net, and every other ending I could think of on a lark.
And I think others might be out there doing the same. A server with a name
like www.birthright.net makes it easier to find and centralize our efforts
for all fans of Birthright to find.

> for the central page i have made a page, what can be used after
> a little adjustments ofcourse.
> http://www.angelfire.com/on/Aetheradd/brnet.html

Nice graphic design for the index. It looks sharp and looks fairly simple
(in that it's not a complicated design, not to imply you didn't spend time
on it ;) ) You should volunteer for the effort if other people like it.


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