Hello Birthrighters, Adam Theo here.
This day of Wednesday, June 09, 1999, at 1:18:42 AM

okay, the design can come in a few days. the important thing right
now is:
how is this going to be hosted? where? what will we get with this
web space? we *need* a few MBs of space, a *full* CGI-BIN, and Perl.
really like: SSI (virtual & exec), fast server, public_html & non-
web directories.

i hope we can find someone to host this domain with all of the above
and for free. once the domain and project takes off, and it seems it
will expand beyond what we initially have, then perhaps i can work out
something with my own company server (i run a web hosting business),
but it would not be free, though.

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