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>I suppose I should have given some background.
>One of my players wants to build a fleet of ships quickly and I suppose I
>was looking for an indication of how many ships could be build at once.
>Real world Cost, Workmen, and Time Frame.
>"The Race is not always to the Swift,
>nor the Battle to the Strong...
>But that's the way to Bet."
The way I play it my campaign (so this is house rules) it works like this:

Ships build at 1d6 GB per domain turn.
Without shipyard you can only build one ship at the time.
With normal shipyard you can build up to province level -2 (note
Galleon/Towership counts as 2 ships for this purpose)
With a large shipyard you can build up to the level of province in number
of ships.
With a huge shipyard you can build up to province level +5 in number of ships
Shipyards needed to be able to build Galleon and Towership (including
other large ships too)

A shipyard can be built in three sizes. If you decide to upgrade your
shipyard after it is built you pay the extra cost +5GB for the resizing

Normal shipyard 20GB No extras, Requires province (4)
Large Shipyard 30GB Builds 2GB extra each turn, Requires province (5)
Huge Shipyard 50GB Builds 2GB extra each turn and reduced cost -
4/-2GB per ship (ship cost 1-10GB = -2, 10-> = -4) Requires a
province (7) and 2 Trade routes from forested provinces.

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