It is my idea that TSR reprint the Rulebook, Ruins of Empire,
Cities of the Sun, Rjurik Highlands, Havens of the Great Bay,
and Tribes of the Heartless Wastes on CD. IF there is an
extant electronic version this will be very easy. But given
a recent disclosure that pre-WotC TSR routinely destroyed
the films I am not sure of that. If this is the case then
Scanning would have to be employed. (easier is better)

The major problem would lie in the Warcards area. IMO there
would have to be an electronic substitute provided for that.
That part would involve some cost which is bad. One possible
alternative would be to provide images that could be printed
at home. (Affordable card stock color printers are available).

The reason for this is simple. CD's are cheaper than paper
($1 per or less) and can be produced in much much smaller lots
than print. Not having to sit on your inventory for 6-18 months
is very attractive to games publishers.

In any case if that product sold I would then go for the class
Books; Magecraft, Priestcraft, Regency,& Guilders. And so on and
so on and scobby dooby dooby.

I done put my abestos bloomers on already so flame away !

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