In the Shadows of Diesmaar:

**Looking for a DM to run part or all of Anuire**

This is a reannouncement for ITSoD, currently the largest BR PBeM in the
world (or at least as far as I know :-). If you are not already a
player, come to the game's webpage and check the game out. We are
always looking for more players. Most landed domains are taken but
there are still many, many holdings-only domains available. Try
something diffrent, try the challenge of playing a weak domain with no
provinces of its own. Every corner of Cerilia is open for your
enjoyment. ITSoD is run by some of the best PBeM DMs around, including
Darkstar, Morg, and Frelun. The game is currently on turn 5 and has
about 80 players total.

- -Andrew (DM of the Northern Marchs of Anuire)
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