Hello Birthrighters, Adam Theo here.
This day of Friday, June 04, 1999, at 10:09:23 PM

On Friday, June 04, 1999, Rob Miracle [rwm@mpgn.com]
Wrote in [BIRTHRIGHT] - [ADMIN] And your new list admin is . . .:
RM> Adam Theo

RM> I have notified him and sent him basic instructions, but I don't know when
RM> he reads his email, so this may be a bit of a shock to him.

Here is my reply:
heh, it kind of was. i thought there had been a couple of other
runners, though? did we vote already? or mr cooper dropped out?

anyway, i've read the stuff, and it is a lot easier than i thought
it would be. very simple. i don't even have to use telnet! just my
email client.

thanks, everyone. :)

my first decree: just keep on doing what you've been doing. no need
to change.

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