Hello Birthrighters, Adam Theo here.
This day of Friday, June 04, 1999, at 3:05:50 AM

here's an idea:
move the Netbook *to* Birthright.net. have it as the center hub for
our BR work.
have a dozen or so sections to it, maybe more. sections being
somrthing like this:

* Links (BR sites, Gorgon's Allaince sites, PBeMs, etc. i would like
to maintain this section, since i can use Gossamer Thread' Links
script, which is awesome and free for non profit use)
* Blood Abilities
* Spells (realm, battle, conventional, wizard & priest)
* Domain Actions
* Domain Rules
* Stories & Fiction (i'm working on one, about an Emperor before the
Empire fell & a khinasi seductress, inspired by the story of
Cleopatra, Caesar, and Antony)
* Online City Project (City of Anuire, plus any others we do in the
* My Campaign. stories about campaigns that have occurred.
* Plot lines.

those are just the few that i can think of off the top of my head. i
am sure we can come up with so much more.

so Ian is not bogged down, i suggest we divvy up parts of it. i will
take the Links section, as well as what i would like to call 'The
Birthright Shrine', which is a small site which collects all info and
projects to help revive the BR line. a dedication to the future of BR,
of sorts.

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