The Trebuchet (not certain of spelling either) is fine on a stable surface.
Depending on the mass of the counterweight and the size of the ship, you might
find that the action of firing the weapon would tilt the ship, reducing the
trebuchet's effectiveness. Especially given that weight is a prime
consideration with purchases for a ship, you may find that a regular torsion
based catapult would be much more efficient. Anything that requires 4+ anchors
for alignment in battle is not practical!.

How, or even if, this translates into game terms, I don't know.



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>I'm thinking about using a new ship type IMC and I'd like some input on
>whether the idea is possible or not. Now a trechbuct (I can't spell it)
>is basically just a lever with a weight on one end and your ammo on the
>other. You pull out a "pin" and the weight drops, throwing the ammo
>like a catapult. So would it be possible to mount a large trechbuct on
>a ship? Take a roundship and place the trechbuct in the area between
>the sails, using the normal cargo area for swing room. You'd have to
>turn the trechbuct a bit so it wouldn't hit the mast (you could only
>fire with the sails up). The purpose of such a contraption would be to
>bombard seaside fortifications. Using four or more anchors you could
>align the ship then fire. Possible or just too impratical?
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