At the risk of repeating every other reply to your message, ALL the published
stuff is worth getting -some more than others. Getting all of it at once is
probably expensive and some of it now is getting hard to find, so I would
suggest working out how / where you want the campaign to start and starting the
purchasing from there.
Low level start? pick a 'players secrets' book from the southern coast.
Medium level? try central to northern Anuire.
Regent picked is a Priest / Mage? get the 'book of priestcraft' /
Elves? 'PS of Taurheival'(sp?)
Dwarves? 'PS of Baruk Azhik'(again sp?) actually a must for a Dwarven
campaign in Cerellia, regardless of starting point as it details how different
how BR Dwarves differ from the AD&D standard.

In the meantime, there is much unofficial, excellent material published on
the web. I suggest starting at the netbook
http://www.chariot.net.au/~hoss/birthright/ and go from there. There are links
from there to various other BR sites and other sites turn up on this list
fairly regularly.



>-----Original Message-----
From Soviet
>I recently bought the boxed set and will soon start my campaign, I
>wanted to know
>which of the already published material is worth it?
>any reviews?
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