Soviet writes,
> Hi,
> I recently bought the boxed set and will soon start my campaign, I wanted
to know
> which of the already published material is worth it?
> any reviews?
Here's my picks!
Domain sorcebooks: Rosone, Ilien, Medoere & Endier all make excelent
first domains. Halskapa is good. Fell off buying up the others as our
campaigns were well established at this point... Baruk-Azhik and Tuarhievel
are good examples of how to run a demi-human realm (although I strongly
dislike the cop out of putting a human in control of Tuarhievel, another
reason we stoped buying domains...).
Sorcebooks: Blood Enemies, the Book of magecraft and the Book of
Priestcraft are musts...ebayebayebay....}:-(
Adventures: King of the Giantdowns and Legends of the Hero-Kings are
both very good. Sword and Crown was O.K. The Sword of Roele was poor.
Campaign expansions: All of these are EXCELENT! They are: Cities of the
Sun, the Khinasi lands; The Rjurik Highlands; Havens of the Great Bay, the
Brecht lands; and finally the Tribes of the Heartless Waste, land of the Vos
(which should have been released in box set form but was instead given a
soft cover).
Andrew, "let the flames begin!" Morris

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