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    Simon Graindorge

    Adventure ideas needed

    Hi all,

    Well, time's coming around again for the ol' BR campaign to start up again,
    but I am a little stuck for where to go. I'll sum up the situation:

    There are two players in the group, both regents, and around level 5. One
    regent is the Baron of Roesone (fighter), and the other is a Priest of
    Haelyn (leading the WIT in Roesone/surrounds). The two are friendly with
    each other, and are likely to work together toward a common goal. The Baron
    very much supports the faith (though he is not a servant of it) as he is
    aware of it's importance to the people. Both characters would fit into the
    LG/NG alignment.

    The country is in a reasonable state from a financial point of view, but is
    severely lacking in military power (troops), having just fought a mighty
    battle with Osoerde (it was quite funny actually, almost all of the troops
    died in one battle - must have been almost 50GB worth all up). They are on
    very friendly terms with Ilien, and on good terms with Medoere (in that it
    provides a buffer from Diemed - I haven't really played up this angle much
    at all). They are seeking to form an alliance with Mhoried to keep Ghoere at
    bay. Osoerde is severely weakened (much like Roesone, but without the
    finances to be able to recover from the loss), and Aerenwe is not doing a
    lot (terms are OK - the PC's have been pretty careful not to get too many
    people offside at once). The other big fact to note is that Roesone is
    without a court wizard, something the PC's are looking to remedy, but don't
    really know how to go about doing and don't have the time.

    The campaign has not been running long, and is probably a lot different than
    most. We only get about 10 hours of gaming in every 3 months (or so), so we
    tend to spend quite a lot of time on the domain turns, rather than
    adventures. Usually we run about 3 turns to each adventure. We just ran
    through the "Family Matters" scenario in the RoE sourcebook.

    So, where to go next? I don't want to get into a huge, long campaign goal,
    because we simply don't have time for it (it's actually pretty rare for any
    characters to actually increase in level more than once due to the time
    shortage, but we are all experienced roleplayers, so character level
    advancement is really not so important).

    I'd like to address the issue of a court wizard, and also look at the
    alliance with Mhoried. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,



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    Andrew Morris

    Adventure ideas needed

    Simon Graindorge writes,

    > I'd like to address the issue of a court wizard, and also look at the
    > alliance with Mhoried. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,

    As far as a court wizard goes look into Sedrie Bellamie 3rd lvl Anurian
    wizard, Vo, min, 23. While he is set up as a foil to the Rosone rule, he
    could be won over (especially if given some sorce holdings). Alternitively,
    take a look at Ilien, the man has sorceholdings all over Rosone and they are
    on good terms...
    When looking for allies against Ghoere the first thing I did was form a
    mutual asistance pact with Elinie; then together we approached the Mhor.
    Against someone like Ghoere you cannot have too many allies! Ghoere has done
    the very thing that would land any PC regent in the hot-seat with ALL his
    Happy gaming! Andrew

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