A while back on this list we were hacking out some demographics regarding the
number of blooded people running around on Cerilia. While there was certainly
some debate regarding the totals (I think there are are between 10 and 15
thousand, for instance, but others thought that far too high) but I think it is
pretty clear that there are MANY more blooded folks running around than are
written up in the published materials.

Now, blooded characters are demonstrably more powerful than regular folks, usually
have a royal title and, therefore, authority within one's realm, and are almost
always levelled character. If you were a ruler wouldn't you be likely to use your
relations as agents (that is, lieutenants) rather than going to the trouble of
interviewing and hiring strangers? My point is that though there are several
examples of regents who have their relatives as LTs, I still think relatives are
pretty badly under-represented in the published materials and because of that
there is a whole untapped resource that SHOULD be available to regent PCs and NPCs
but is not.

In my own life, for example, my relatives all banded together to build a family
business which has at one point or another included a dozen or more extended
family members at a given time. Being a member of the ruling aristocracy seems
like it would be a pretty good job, so wouldn't relatives be more apt to become

There are, of course, drawbacks to having relatives in the biz. The possibility
of fratricide leaps to mind, though I think being offed by a relative isn't really
all that much more likely than being scragged by any other "trusted" lieutenant.
Relatives also include all those people not directly in the line of succession
like uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents most of whom would need to defoliate
half the family tree in order to gain a crown.

There are several examples of relatives in the published materials, but shouldn't
there be many more and shouldn't regents have access to these guys as part of
their domain?

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