Hello Birthrighters, Adam Theo here.
This day of Wednesday, June 02, 1999, at 1:51:46 AM

On Friday, May 28, 1999, Rob Miracle [rwm@mpgn.com]
Wrote in [BIRTHRIGHT] - [ADMIN] List Administrator:
RM> Ok, this has gone on long enough. I don't have the time in my day to try
RM> and read all these messages to figure out who is wanting to do what.

RM> If you are interested in being this list admin. I want you to send me a
RM> private email with the subject "BR-ADMIN Candidate". Do not nominate any
RM> one else, just yourself if your interested.

RM> In the message, list any experience that you have running lists and a brief
RM> "Why I would make a good list-mom" statement.

RM> Then on Tuesday, after I go though 10,000 mail messages, I will put
RM> together a ballot sheet based on the volunteers and their info and post it
RM> to the list. List members will then vote on their candidate by sending a
RM> message with VOTE - BR in the subject. I will tally the votes and post the
RM> winner by Friday.

Here is my reply:
sorry for taking so long. i did not have access to my e-mail for
the past few days. whew. i have been suffering from e-mail withdrawal.
i would be a good list mom because all i would do is do the
technical stuff. i don't see much reason to kick people off, unless
they constantly start flame wars or post spam, which i don't think
anyone has done yet, so i don't have anything to worry about there, i
i am familair with running mailing lists. i run a quality paid web
hosting company, Theoretic Internet Services,
http://www.theoretic.com , and work with setting up mailing lists
using SmartList.

well, i think that says it all. or the important stuff, anyway.

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