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>Here's an embarrasing little query about castles! Be nice it's my first
>proper post!
>Is the maintenance of castles 1 GB per castle or per level of that castle!
>The rules seem to agree with the former but a couple of places (particularly
>realm guides seem to agree with the latter).
It is 1GB per castle regardless of size and level.....
It isn't really realistic, but IMC I at least have slowed castle
construction down to 1d4....
>When this came up in my campaign I made a simple ruling that the former was
>true, unfortunately this led to a particular player embarking on a major
>castle building campaign. This fit the Paladin's perception of his role as
>the protector of the people but proved quite an encumberance as far as game
>speed/vitality went, and made it even more difficult to tempt the entire
>party out of Roesone. It was also very hard to justify why every NPC had not
>built a chain of castles!
>This is particularly relevant as I tend to concentrate on first person
>description and adventures rather than majoring on domain turns and
>impersonal rules.
>Which neatly brings me to:
>I freely admit that I tend to get caught up by an idea and sweep my players
>along with me, rather than necessarily thinking things through in an ordered
>and uniform manner.
>(as I have almost always sent my players home talking in an excited and
>animated fashion I assume that they approve, and admit to getting a
>particular pleasure when a players eyes light up during the game as they
>describe a fiendishly crafty plan that will bypass a problem!)
>The key "devices" I use are:
>1) I constantly vary game speed and description (particularly as far as
>combat goes). You can't half motivate the players and even get an air of
>desperation if they don't have long to decide their actions and have to
>describe their actions rather than simply say "I'll hit the troll with my
>sword" after 2 minutes of group consultation and discussion!

Good tip...I try to use this in my next session...
>2) I camp up all my major and most of the minor NPC's with their own voices
>(just remember which voice or accent you use!). This seems to work wonders
>in persuading the players that the NPC's are real people worthy of their
>protection or hatred. There's nothing quite like seeing pleasure on the
>players faces after extracting information from an old farmer which they
>didn't expect, or the howls of their pain when you use certain voices thay
>have come across before! (a.k.a. the cackling old mad woman). This also
>makes it far easier to spread disinformation!

I've tried this a bit, but it sort of just got forgotten...I'll try to
start up again, thanks for reminding me....

>3) To encourage a sense that the players are in a real and thriving world I
>encourage my players to flesh out their family, friends, acquaintances and
>enemies and then integrate them into the campaign. I can still remember the
>piss taking the first time that the Paladin's mother wrote to him chiding
>him for not writing to her or visiting that year!
>4) I get them to keep (short) diaries which I regularly take a look at to
>see where the character is going and how they perceive what is developing
>around them. (Some of my best storylines have been unashamedly knicked from
>the diaries, and the relevant player gets such a kick when they appear to

>have out thought you!! veg)
I've copied the rule from someone on this list (sorry but can't remember
who) to give the party 5% extra XP if they can produce an in-character log
of their last session....'

>5) I try to end most sessions with a cliffhanger or cinematic description.
>Whether it be arriving at a lonely cottage in the windswept moors or one of
>the players standing up to give a speech at a conference or freezing a close
>combat! (Dream sequences are another of my favourites). At the start of each
>session I give a short statement of the position at present or maybe a
>different perspective, e.g. the perceptive thief might notice the lack of
>smoke from the chimney of the cottage even though it is getting dark.
>If anyone has any thoughts/comments/rants on the above or any useful tricks
>of the trade that they use PLEASE TELL ME. Don't say "it's too long" because
IMHO there is no thing as too long...if it is too long you just delete it,
but I think the fact that many of the posts are long is one of the quality
signs of this list....

>The only person on this with the simple moniker of GM due to not having
>played a PC for almost eight years (Boo Hoo) !

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