Hi all,

I'm new to the list and am looking to fill out my BR collection. Always
thought that it was a little too complicated until just recently when I
dusted off the ol' box and gave it a thorough looksee. It trully is far more
enthralling and majestic than Forgotten Realms with it's Monty Haul
insanity, or Greyhawk which seems to have been a very..... Colorfully
created world(oh I think I'll throw a giant carnivorous ape here and a
couple of evil assassin monks here, and maybe I'll put a couple of....Etc.
etc.). Birthright trully is a very flavored world that is far and away
better than many others. But the problem is finding the material. I have had
to really scrounge in order to find anything and I am still looking. Anyone
know a couple of good suppliers or mail order companies where I might lay my
hands upon the book of magecraft, the book of regency(if it came out), or
the shadow world adventure supplements. Well thanks for your time.

Pat Sheehan
Eugene, Or.

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