Whev what a long subject line :)

I have been thinking about this webpage and I have some questions to the
First of all it seems we got 10MB (soft-limit, i.e. 11MB is np while
20MB might be) of webpage, if people beleive this is way too little I
will try to rectify that situation...
Second or as a part of the first, what should "physicly" be placed at
the central location, I assume a version of the netbook with rules and
stuff should be there, but what about "campaign
expansions/PS's/BROCP/etc." large works both in scope and MB should they
simply have a link to MR X's website with a little description or review
of the material or should the whole thing be kept within the same layout
or look as the rest of the site and stay on the same HDD as the rest of
the stuff ?

Second I beleive we need like 3-5 webmasters to help keep the pages
continuesly updated... Diveded perhaps like A is responsible for PBMG's
links and reviews, B is responsible for Netbook/Rules stuff etc. Another
question with this is if we should have one cheif webmaster or
coordinator or something similar.
Personally I will try not to work too much with the actual webpages
since I hope to move this to my own server I am going to set up as soon
as I get my permanent Internet Connection, and from then on my duties
will be more of a hostmaster rather than webmaster, this position I will
in effect hold already from now, since the actual "hostmaster" is a
personal friend of mine....

So are there any volounteers for webmaster...the person might in my eyes
just as well be a lurker as a continous submitter...actually it SHOULD
be a lurker since they are not spending their time writing on the list
:) (That is a lurker with seas of time :)

Sindre which hopes this can spur a creative debate around this
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