I could use a few idea's for some legends/Rumors to give to players about
some magical pools. Anyone have any ideas? A few things of note:

No hero has made it to the pools in centuries. Mainly due to the fact that a
evil warlord named Cronus and/or a Drow sorceress named Mystra have been
killing any threats in the land for the past three hundred years. There are
now rumors of the death of Cronus.

More details about the game world can be found on the webpage :

The Pools of Aquala

The pools of Aquala is known only to the wisest of sages. The pools are a
set of
trials for a group of adventurers to undertake to learn to work together as
a group and to
make each of them stronger at the end if they succeed. The greatest of
heroes in the
history of the land have gone through the trials and succeeded, but in the
last century there
have been no heroes...perhaps it is time for a new group of heroes to walk
across the
The Temple of Aquala is set in the middle of a great ancient forest. Once
enters they see that the temple is dedicated to all of the worlds gods, and
protected by
them all. The ‘Guardian’ is an ancient figure, he has been at the temple
since the start of
time and will be there till the end of time. He appears as an old man with a
long white
beard. He wears a light blue robes with gold trim(Robe of the archmage) and
carries a
staff(Staff of the Magi). (AC: -10; hp’s: 200; THAC0: 1; Dam: 5d10+10; KO:
d20; SA:
Knows all spells both clerical and mage with a casting time of Very Fast
and casts them as
30th level; SD: 100% magic resistance). Though he appears ancient, his eyes
are very
youthful. He will greet all visitors warmly, and know everyone by name and
seem to know
all about each and every party member. He will know that they are there to
take the trials
of the pools and invite the party to a great feast in there honor. The party
will notice while
they are eating their meal, that any wounds are healed, any curse is lifted,
and illness
cured, and the party will feel very well rested. If the party is not
suffering from anything
them they will just feel pretty good.
The ‘Guardian’ will lead the party down a long hall into a large room
filled with 6
glowing doors and says “Let the Trials begin” The party must go through each
of the
doors to pass the trials. Each door will test each of the characters stats.
Not everyone
needs to pass the tests, as long as one member of the party passes the test
and Helps the
other party members the party will pass the test. Once the party completes
one of the trials
the door will no longer glow, and behind the door is a solid stone. Each
test starts through
the door the entered and will end with them going through the door they came
through to
enter the trial. When the party completes the last trial a magical pool will
appear in the
middle of the room with all the doors and the party must enter the pool to
be cleansed.
Once the party cleaned themselves the ‘Guardian’ will great the party and
each of them. As the party bathes they are healed of all wounds and all
fatigue is restored
Also the characters class prime ability score(Only one) gains a +1. The
‘Guardian’ will
give each party member a magical item(s) worth no more than 500xp as a small
reward for
completing the first step of the trials.

Door #1: Strength--Raw power Lift something heavy? Bend Bars?

Door #2: Dexterity--Cross the room on a rolling log without falling off?

Door #3: Constitution--Test of Endurance-- cross a room where the characters
body feels
like lead. Each step costs one fatigue point, need 30 fatigue points to
cross all the way.

Door #4: Intelligence--Solve a riddle?

Door #5 Wisdom--Know when to run from a fight? (Super deadly monster with
treasure horde?)

Door #6 Charisma--Leadership (Someone must distinguish themselves as party

The other trials are in different temples scattered across the land. There
are six other
temples the party must go to:

Temple #1(Strength): Upon a snow covered mountain

Temple #2(Dexterity): In the middle of a Swamp

Temple #3(Constitution): Middle of a Jungle

Temple #4(Intelligence): Middle of a desert

Temple #5(Wisdom): Middle of an arctic region

Temple #6(Charisma): Under the ocean

Part of the trials is just getting to the temples. In each of the temples
the ‘Guardian’ will
be there and congratulate them for reaching the temples, and off each of
them a magical
feast like at the first temple. After the meal the ‘Guardian’ Will lead them
to the pool.
Each pool will grant anywhere from +4 to +1 on an ability score. +4 if your
ability score is
6 or under; +3 if your ability score is 7-13; +2 if your ability score is
14-16, and +1 if your
ability score is 17 or higher. The ‘Guardian’ will give each party member a
magical item(s)
worth no more than 500xp as a small reward for completing the trials.

Upon completing the final temple the party is teleported to a secret temple
underground. This is the Temple of judgment. To each member of the party
they are in a
large room with three pools all by themselves. On the wall just behind the
pools is a large
engraved scale (like the scales of justice) one side of the scales is all of
the evil gods, on
the other are the good goods. In the middle supporting the scale are the
neutral gods. The
character must choose which pool is his and bathes in it. If the character
bathes in the
correct pool he gained a +2 to his prime ability score(only one), and +1 on
all of his
others. If the party member bathes in the wrong pool he looses one point in
his prime
ability score(all of them). If a party member decides to bathe in two pools
he looses all of
the ability bonuses he gained in the trials. If someone bathes in all three
pools the also lose
one point in all of there ability scores also. When a character enters his
first pool 10min
later a glowing archway will appear in the middle of the room. When the
party enters the
archway the are at the first main temple where the trials began. Anyone who
succeeded in
the trials is given 6500xp worth of magical treasure. The gift(s) are
something that will fit
the character in question(DM’s Choice).

Notes: Stats not to go over 18. If using Skills and Powers subabilites may
exceed 18, but
not the ability score itself. If a character has an 18 ability score the
pool will bestow
another gift: an increase in another ability score, gain a new racial
ability, gain a new class
ability etc... [DM’s Choice, but it must be something that fits the

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