I've created a document that groups together all of the Blood Abilities
that have been submitted to the Birthright Netbook over the past couple
of years, as well as those in the official products. This new netbook is
now available from my page at

It is still only in an early version, but I'll be adding additional
information over the coming couple of weeks, so that when it is finished
it will be a useful accessory for the Birthright game.

If anyone has any blood abilities (or related information) they would
like to submit, then please do so over the next week or so, as I'd like
to finish version 1 by then end of next weekend.

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Ian Hoskins

e-Mail: hoss@box.net.au
Homepage: http://www.chariot.net.au/~hoss

ICQ: 2938300 AIM: IHoskins

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