Okay, here's my two cents worth.

1) Just because people haven't voted in the election doesn't
mean the aren't interested in the outcome of it. They
just don't see the point.
2) Message posting frequency. I have posted, maybe, once
or twice before in the two years that I have been on the list.
I use the list for ideas, information, and different view points.
I just don't have mcuh time to devout to the game so its good
to have this resource.
3) The current admin seems to be taking this job and himself
far to seriously, or should I say importantly. The job of the
admin is to stay quite, stay out of it, and stepin only when
the rules are being broken in a serious matter.
4) The list admn, that you, should keep their personal opinion
about proper behavior seperate from thier job duties. This
goes back to the topic of message quoatas. The list rules
don't mention it so you cannot judge it as part of your duties.
It is outside your perview.
5) Once again the job of the list admin, thats you once more, is
to enforce the rules and ONLY the rules as stated.

*The premise of Democracy is that the opinion of the many is more
correct than that of one man. The premise of a dictatorship is that
the opinion of one man is more corrct than the opion of the many.
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