Could you give me your address so that I could mail the 5 dollar note to
you? You might have given it previously on the list, but currently I have
1300+ unread birthright emails and I am to lazy to do a search. It
inadvisable to send cash in mail, but if I have to send an International
Money Order/ Bank Draft, the commission would easily be as much or more than
the US$5.

And thank you for your service in the reviving of birthright.

Hon Ming, a Singaporean Birthright fan
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> writes:
> > A completely different matter is could someone in the USA please
> volounteer
> > as a collector of the 70$ for the birthright.net domain name ?
> > That way we can use all the good ideas for the webpage ?
> >
> > Sindre
> I have already volunteered for that duty, if you remember. Last week or
> so
> we discussed the idea with each other that after I collected the 70 bucks,
> you would instruct me on how to register a domain name.
> However, the pathetic truth of it is, after a full week since my request
> for
> donations and after all the seeming listmember support for a central web
> page, I have received only four respones pledging a donation. I am only
> asking a measly $5 from 13 people (I'll gladly kick in the last 5 dollars)
> to
> get this project rolling. If there are truly 300 people subscibed to this
> list and we can't even raise $70 for a very worthwhile project that would
> be
> beneficial to all, well, you figure it out. Do you guys really want to
> improve the quality of the Birthright setting or not, because we're the
> only
> ones who can do it. TSR is not going to revive Birthright, it's up to us
> to
> keep providing fresh quality material for the setting, and our own central
> web site (without a bunch of advertisements cluttering it up) would be a
> great step in this direction. It seemed like there was so much support
> for
> this idea just a few weeks ago. Was it all just talk?
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