The Beginning:
Having just created the pc' and determining their bloodlines etc one of
them came up with the blood of Vorynn and the ability to talk to Owls. Since
Owls are noted for their Wisom and "regalness" I am planning on playing up
this idea of gathering the Wisdom of owls.....and so it the
north, north og the Giantdowns in a small village name Jjuervik.

The cold wind howls out of the night wind and is colder then the White
Witches heart it brings promise of an early snow as the hall is silent
except for the sounds of a few men grumbling at the chill, old men not
unlike their father's, the two younger men speak in hushed tones hands
itching for want of battle, of glory, and honor. thewind wails louder as
they talk brothers in blood, brothers in honor, but not brothers cast from
the same seed. The flickering fire holds the cold at bay until the door
burst open and a man with hair the shade of fire, beardless and young
strides through, he is smallish and seemingly unarmed till one catches the
glint of dagger at his belt. He looks about and finds the two younger man
with his gaze walks to them he speaks quietly to them then hands one of them
the smaller one a sealed letter then turns and strides out the door. The
small one opens it and winces the other laughs surprised "Ye Can rede,
"Aye ye big oaf I can rede rede better than ye can fight.."
"Thut be a challeng?"
"Nae not now Ingram its mae Father's Brother he has died and left steading
withae a blade to hold it"
"What be it to you Bern?"
"Ae named me is 'eir"
"At last!" Ingram roared
Bern looked at him with a wary eye
"We cannae get out of this frozen place and get somewhere a might bit
Bern laughed back for a long time
"What? Ye gon daft on me?"
"Nae mae friend not at all, but mae Uncles' steading, MY steading lie
Ingram swallowed hard
"Aye and across the sea he steaded on Thaele north of Emmerleigh"
"Good God! Yae must be mad we cannae goe we end up frozen solid as the Witch
's heart!"
"Ae my friend but North we must go we cannae let his land run wild, and
fall from mae family's name"
Ingram looked at his friend and nodded
"When do we leave brother!"
"As soon as I talk to thae Circle."
"Not Druids too!"
Bern just nodded as his friend rambled and cursed....
Outside in the distant as the wind quieted for a moment the soft hoot of an
owl called the beginning of nightfall."

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